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Q: How much does it cost to install a solar energy system?

A: It depends on the the energy consumption of your home (or business). Be sure to bring your electric bill with you so we can see the average usage over the entire year. We’ll customize a system for your situation and make it fit your budget.

Q: Are there government tax credits?

A: Yes. In 2019, there is a 30% tax credit.

Q: Can I start out with a small solar system and build on to it later?

A: Yes. You can start out with a system that fits your budget and upgrade it later at your convenience.

Q: What can solar energy run in my home?

A: Most solar systems are sized to run 80 to 100% of your home’s energy needs, including your appliances, lighting, etc.

Q: Does going solar make sense financially?

A: Absolutely! The return on your investment is higher than most interest rates.

Q: Does solar work in the in Ohio? What about the winter?

A: Yes, solar works just fine in Ohio. In the winter, your system will produce less energy due to less sunlight, but they still work fine.

Q: What is the lifespan of a solar energy system?

A: A solar generation system should last 30 years or more; our solar panels have a 30 year output warranty.

Q. Can you advise us on ways to make our home more efficient?

A: Yes. We’ll help you find the “leaks” in your home’s power draw. For example, installing LED lights will decrease lighting cost by one third to one half, depending on whether you have fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. 

Q: Will going solar change my homeowner’s insurance?

A: Yes. You should consult with your insurance provider with questions about changes in your insurance.

Q: Is financing available?

A: Yes. We offer financing.